What Makes a Good Office Coffee Machine?

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Office coffee machines are an essential part of the hectic office routine. Almost everyone admits that nothing is better than a hot cup of coffee when the workload gets too much. A coffee machine at your office makes it convenient to get your caffeine kick and treat your employees whenever they are tired.

However, with so many office coffee machines available on the market that claim to be the best, it becomes hard to determine which one you should rent to best fit your employee’s and the office’s needs. The future of the office coffee machine industry is looking up with the amount of great options there is for renting or hiring office coffee machines.

This guide discusses all the factors you should consider before renting an office coffee machine. Let’s dive into the details!

Tips to Rent the Best Office Coffee Machines in Adelaide

Certain features and specifications can make a particular coffee machine more suitable for your office environment than others. Thus, we recommend you check out our entire range and consider all the options before renting an office coffee machine. We have done our research and come up with the below facets, which we deem crucial to office coffee success!

Size of Office Coffee Machines

The size of the office coffee machines is the first thing you should consider before renting them. The size you require often depends on the number of employees in your office/workplace.

If your office has at most 50 staff members, we recommend going with one of our small office coffee machines. We recommend a medium-sized workplace coffee machine serving up to 80 staff per day for those regular-sized spaces. Finally, for those larger, higher traffic areas and offices serving 80+ staff daily, we recommend you go with one of our large office coffee machines.

The Convenience of the Office Coffee Machine

Every employee loves making coffee at the office, keeping them more energised and providing an opportunity for a break. However, if the machine is too complex, it could complicate things for the employee, as not everyone will be an expert in using it. Thus, it is crucial to opt for office coffee machines that have more straightforward options.

We recommend renting a fully automatic office coffee machine if you want a convenient and simple office coffee solution. They work faster and can often grind coffee beans, brew coffee, and froth milk simultaneously. Hence, these machines are sometimes called ‘Bean to Cup’ solutions.

Semi-automatic options are also available on the market, which is highly recommended for the office setting. They take more time than automatic ones. Nevertheless, they provide more opportunities to control the coffee flavour.

Speed of the Office Coffee Machines

For companies with many employees, it is essential to check the speed of the coffee machine before renting it. In a busy office environment, it’s not ideal to be waiting in a line or queue to make a cup of coffee. Therefore, selecting an office coffee machine that can brew quickly is imperative.

You have to consider your office size before opting for a coffee machine, as that will determine how many cups it has to produce on average. If your office has more than 80+ employees, go for a larger office coffee machine.

The Volume of Coffee Production

You have to decide the volume of coffee your office might need in a day. You can determine how much coffee production is required in a day based on the number of employees in your office. Some staff members may drink more coffee than others, so it’s important to account for outliers

Effortless Cleaning of the Office Coffee Machines

Cleaning office coffee machines should be a priority for everyone who likes to drink coffee. However, if a machine requires a lot of cleaning and maintenance, it may not be suitable for an office setting.

If you are looking for an office coffee machine that only requires a little effort to clean, we recommend an automatic one. Those machines often have a self-cleaning option, making cleaning easier.

Also, some coffee machines have detachable parts that allow for proper and easy cleaning. However, there must be definite rules for cleaning and maintaining office coffee machines. If the machine is dirty, you will avoid running the risk of drinking unhygienic or poor-tasting coffee.

Cost of Office Coffee Machines

The price to rent an office coffee machine is also a significant factor when choosing an option right for your workplace. Generally, the more expensive a coffee machine, the more functionality and customisability it will have.

There are plenty of affordable office coffee machine solutions available that are also useful and convenient. When selecting a coffee machine, the office should agree on their preferences and how they want their coffee to be, the speed of the coffee machine, and its size. Then, you have to find all these features in the machines, compare their costs, and choose the one that suits you the most.

Look out For Sustainable Options

Lastly, renting eco-friendly office coffee machines is necessary, as a non-eco-friendly option can negatively affect the environment. At Biz Cup, we have diverted over 2,000,000kg of coffee waste from landfill with our Grounded program.

We have many sustainable office coffee machines available to rent. You should look out for certain factors in a coffee machine, such as how much energy it consumes and how much water it requires.

Durability Of Office Coffee Machine

If you choose to buy a coffee machine for your office, it will eventually need to be replaced due to breakage and wear. There are ways to make sure your coffee machine lasts as long as possible. Here are some tips. First, look for a model with stainless steel parts. Stainless steel is more resistant than other metals like aluminium and copper. Second, clean the machine regularly to prevent it from getting mouldy or dirty.


Office coffee machines are a great addition to every office and workplace. But some factors make a coffee machine more suitable for a specific office setting than others. Thus, before renting an office coffee machine for your workplace, it is crucial to check its size, speed, production volume, convenience, and cost according to your needs. With your new office coffee machine you can expect to see an increase in workplace productivity

Are you looking for a high-quality coffee machine for your office in Adelaide? Look no further than Biz Cup! Our coffee machines are perfect for offices of all sizes and will impress your employees and clients. With a variety of options to choose from, you can find the perfect machine to fit the needs and budget of your workplace.

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