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About BizCup - Where it all started

Welcome to the BizCup website! My name is Ponti Capoccia, as the owner of Biz-Cup, I pride myself on making sure people get a great cup of coffee.

What is 15 minutes of one person’s day is my whole life. My love for my Italian heritage and the cultural rituals us Europeans hold drives how I approach my work with Biz-Cup. Italians can all agree on one thing: a good coffee is a work of art. As far back as I can remember, coffee is a way that we socialise, bond, and connect with others. Whether enjoyed at home, at a café, or on a park bench, coffee tastes better when it’s shared between friends and family.

Why should the workplace be any different? If anything, that’s where people need great coffee the most!

2018 Biz-Cup was born, and since its beginning I’ve built tailored plans that are affordable and work with a business’ needs. With no upfront costs and great leasing options that include maintenance and repairs, we can help you create a space where your employees and customers can take a moment to recharge and connect. At Bizcup we offer the highest quality and flexible coffee machine rental plans in Adelaide. With over 5 years of experience in the coffee machine sales and rental industry, I have become an expert in office coffee machines and coffee solutions for workplaces in Adelaide.

Ponti Capoccia – Founder and Director of Biz-Cup

Pro-break, pro-recharge, pro-caffinating.


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