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Boost productivity by having office coffee machines in your workplace

Whether you’re looking to impress your clients, win over your employees, or just want to create a space for your team to recharge during their day, Biz Cup has a commercial coffee machine solution to suit your office or workplace in Adelaide!

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Why Rent Office Coffee Machines For Your Workplace In Adelaide

Biz-Cup are focused on bringing you the best fully automatic coffee machines on the market, whether looking for a new office coffee machines to rent or hire we will find you the best automatic coffee machines for your workplace.

Specialising predominantly in office coffee machines, we stock but not limited to such brands as Dr Coffee, HLF and Kalerm. Step your business coffee machines up with Biz-Cup! Our simple coffee solutions make coffee machine hire fun and easy.

Frequently Asked Questions for Office Coffee Machine Rental & Hire

What Is The Best Coffee Machine For An Office?

Automatic coffee machines are a popular choice for offices because they are convenient to use, produce consistently high-quality coffee drinks, and have a built-in cleaning system. While traditional coffee machines may give you more control over the brewing process, they require more counter space and time to maintain. If you are unsure which type of coffee machines would be best for your office, you may want to consider requesting a demonstration of both types to help you make an informed decision. Find our favourite office coffee machines further below.

How To Use A Coffee Machine In The Office?

To create an ideal coffee area at work, it is important to establish a coffee culture in the workplace. This involves more than just installing office coffee machines and expecting people to use it. Many businesses are creating dedicated spaces with top-quality coffee machines and beans in order to improve the productivity and morale of their employees. These spaces allow employees to have access to great coffee whenever they need it, get a caffeine boost, and interact with their colleagues.

How To Clean An Office Coffee Machine?

To maintain office coffee machines and ensure they make the best coffee, it is important to clean it daily. Many automatic coffee machines have built-in cleaning systems, but it is still important to use the correct descaling and cleaning products to keep your coffee machines in top condition. This will help to maintain its reliability and the consistency of the coffee’s taste.

How Much Does It Cost To Rent An Office Coffee Machine?

By renting a coffee machine, you can try out different models and find the best one for your workplace without committing to a purchase. Our rental plans start at $15 per week and include maintenance, repairs, and regular cleaning. Our office coffee machine rental packages are a cost-effective and hassle-free option for businesses looking to provide coffee for their office without a large initial investment.

How To Clean An Office Coffee Machine

Regular rinsing and cleaning are crucial for maintaining the quality of your coffee and achieving the best possible taste. Many automatic coffee makers have built-in cleaning mechanisms that ensure consistency and reliability. Using the appropriate cleaning and descaling products is important to keep your machine functioning properly.

Why Do You Need A Coffee Machine In An Office?

Consuming coffee while at work has numerous advantages. It can stimulate the efficiency and output of workers, leading to increased productivity. Additionally, taking periodic coffee breaks can facilitate social interaction among coworkers. Employees can save valuable time that would otherwise be spent travelling to a nearby coffee shop by having a coffee machine in the office kitchen.

Are Automatic Office Coffee Machines Good?

Automatic coffee machines are commonly preferred in workplaces as they offer specific functionalities such as adjustable buttons, power modes, and larger reservoirs, which are ideal for producing coffee continuously throughout the day. Additionally, these machines are convenient to use, as a single button will prepare your coffee, helping you save time. Furthermore, the automated cleaning feature of these machines ensures they remain in excellent condition all day.

What Features Should I Look For In An Office Coffee Machine?

Choosing the appropriate commercial coffee machine for an office can be time-consuming, especially given the wide range of options available. Some factors to take into account when searching for a coffee machine include the following: Whether an automatic or traditional machine is preferred. Whether a water tank is required or a plumbed machine is desired. How many individuals will utilise your coffee machines (staff, visitors, etc.)?Whether fresh or powdered milk is preferred. By answering these questions, one can make an informed decision that aligns with their specific needs and preferences for a coffee machine in the office.

Enhance Your Adelaide Workplace with Biz-Cup's Office Coffee Machines

At Biz-Cup, we recognise the value of a delicious cup of coffee. We are committed to giving workplaces in Adelaide the best office coffee machines because of this. 

Access to high-quality machines is made simple for every type of business with our selection of rental and purchase solutions.

However, we go beyond merely offering the equipment. With every machine, our team provides setup, personnel training, and technical support as part of our commitment to guaranteeing customer happiness. 

Count on Biz-Cup to keep things going smoothly in your Adelaide office with our top-of-the-line office coffee machines.

Find & Rent Our Office Coffee Machines In Adelaide

Biz-Cup is the leading provider of office coffee machine rentals and hires in Adelaide.

We have a variety of sizes of coffee machines available for rent throughout Adelaide and South Australia. Our top-quality machines produce over 21,000 coffees weekly for Adelaide offices.

We are dedicated to providing exceptional customer service and ensuring our clients have the ideal coffee solution and great coffee for their offices. We also supply freshly roasted coffee beans to your office and workplace. Our coffee beans provide your office with cafe quality coffee! If you’re looking for the best coffee, you can rely on BizCup.

Regardless of the size of your business, we have the perfect coffee machine to suit your needs. Biz-Cup is the right choice for all your office coffee machine rental needs in Adelaide.

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Our Favourite Office Coffee Machines

Perfect office coffee machine for any sized workplace

Perfect office coffee machine for any sized workplace

Perfect office coffee machine for workplaces of  100+ staff

Adelaide Businesses That Trust Us For Coffee Machine Rental

Some of our Adelaide-based coffee machine hire clients include Barber Boys, Brentnalls SA, The University of Adelaide, and Land Services SA. We are proud to provide high-quality workplace coffee machine services for Adelaide businesses. At BizCup, we know that every office environment is different. That’s why we provide bespoke office coffee machine solutions for any business!

Cafe Quality Coffee​ For Workplaces In Adelaide

At BizCup, not only do we provide the best coffee machine for you office space, but we also have a wide variety of coffee beans to suit any coffee palette. Our coffee beans span across 3 different blends, a ground decaffeinated option, as well as our famous Biz-Cupsules. Corporate coffee solutions are made simple with our great range of coffee beans and machines.

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