Prevention is better than cure!

Any coffee lover knows that great coffee requires care, time, and dedication. It takes a delicate balance of things to make a cup of coffee just right. Too fresh? Your coffee becomes acidic and unenjoyable. Too old? Good luck keeping that stale, bitter cup down.

That’s why our coffee is supplied to you at the right age to get the best result, delivering only enough until our next visit to ensure you’re not drinking old, tasteless coffee.

Part of making sure you get the best coffee is to do with the hardware. Neglected, tired coffee machines produce coffee that no one wants to drink.

That’s where we come in, regular machine maintenance and tests – to attend to issues before they happen. They say that prevention is better than the cure – and who are we to argue?

We make sure that your machine is looked after by our qualified technicians with regular, scheduled servicing. Biz-Cup takes care of any installation, repairs, or deep cleaning that your machines need, taking any high costs for maintenance and repairs off your hands.

Any breakdowns are serviced the same day to make sure that the workplace stays caffeinated.

We take all the burdens involved in having a coffee machine away leaving you to enjoy all the perks, just give us a ring whenever you need.

Find the right machine for you office or home


Small Office

Boutique spaces serving up to 50 staff per day


Medium Office

Regular sized spaces serving up to 80 staff per day


Large Office

Larger high traffic areas serving 80+ staff a day

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