Locally roasted coffee beans, delivered fresh to your office in Adelaide

Let’s face it: the most important thing about a great cup of coffee is, well, great coffee! Which means that the quality of our coffee is our absolute priority. We roast our coffee weekly and rotate our stock to ensure that your product is fresh and of the highest quality. Our beans are ethically sourced, and blends are developed to get the absolute best results out of an automatic coffee machine . We pride ourselves on providing the best coffee in the most sustainable way.

At Biz-Cup, we have 5 different blends, a ground decaffeinated option, as well as our famous Biz-Cupsules, which can be used at home in original Nespresso machines.

Bizcup Procaffinating Coffee Blend

Procaffinating Blend​

Full-bodied heart-starter for your morning brew.
Origins: Brazil and Guatemala

Procaffinating (Noun): The tendency to put off anything that you need to do until you’ve had your first coffee of the day.

The OG of the Biz-Cup family, our Procaffinating blend is a strong, full-bodied heart-starter for your morning brew. With notes of warm spice, dark chocolate, and a lingering cocoa aftertaste, the Procaffinating blend uses beans from Brazil and Guatemala – some of the holy grail source countries for coffee. If you’re new to Biz-Cup, this is the place to start.

Bizcup Procaffinating 2.0 Coffee Blend

Procaffinating Blend 2.0

Smooth, fruity ideal blend for espresso.
Origins: Ethiopia and Colombia

Our original Procaffinating Blend has been remixed and reworked with beans from Ethiopia and Colombia. Procaffinating 2.0 is the ideal blend for espresso roasts, and can be enjoyed with or without milk. You’ll get hints of mandarin, apricot, red apples and toffee – a great twist on a classic. With 100% Arabica beans, the Procaffinating 2.0 is the one for you if you’re looking to level up from the original Biz-Cup blend.


100% Organic, 100% Fair Trade, 100% Ethical

Highly inviting coffee that’s mild and mellow with medium acidity, cocoa notes and a long, sooth finish. 100% Certified organic, 100% ethical. All our coffee blends are roasted and packaged in Australia from the world’s finest coffee beans.

Fairtrade - ICO Certafied Organic


Origins: Brazil/ Ethiopia/India

Bold, strong coffee that is perfect with milk. All our coffee blends are roasted and packaged in Australia from the worlds finest coffee beans.

Bizcup NoCaffinating Coffee Blend


Full-bodied, Full-Flavoured just simply relieved of caffeine.
Origins: Central America

Not everyone can or wants to be caffeinated on a daily basis. That doesn’t mean they can’t enjoy a nice brew with everyone else! Our decaf blend can be used on most of our machines, and is full-bodied and full-flavoured, just like our other Biz-Cup blends. Our NoCaffinating blend is made using a natural, chemical-free water method, and is every bit as delicious as our fully-charged caffeine brews.

Bizcupsules 1kg Box


Premium coffee made easy.

With many workplaces – and homes – using pod machines, we knew we had to get with the times. So, we’ve taken our famous Procaffinating coffee and made it in miniature! Manufactured locally here in South Australia, our Biz-Cupsules are created in small batches with newly roasted coffee to make sure that each cup of coffee is as fresh as possible. It also means you can have your Biz-Cup hit at home! Our Biz-Cupsules are compatible with original Nespresso machines.

Pod Icon


Origin: Brazil/Uganda  

Strong espresso style coffee with hints of burnt orange and berry, finishing off with a lingering dark chocolate taste. All our coffee blends are roasted and packaged in Australia from the world’s finest coffee beans.

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