How To Choose The Best Coffee Beans For The Office Coffee Machine

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Choosing the best coffee beans for your office espresso machine can be daunting, but by understanding the different coffee beans and how they are processed, you can easily find the right coffee beans for your office.

There are several different coffee and espresso beans available in coffee shops. Buying the best espresso beans will give your staff the energy boost they need. Also, the coffee flavour plays an important part in impressing a client. A good coffee taste will wow the client, whereas a bad one can ruin a good deal. If you’ve engaged in an office coffee machine hire agreement, you could also ask your machine provider which coffee beans they recommend for the leased machine.

Read on to explore seven factors you should consider when choosing coffee beans for office coffee machines.

Types of coffee beans

First and foremost, it’s important to understand the different types of coffee beans available for your machine. The two most loved coffee beans are Arabic and Robusta.

Arabic coffee beans

Arabica beans are known for their mild, smooth, and sweet taste, quite close to a blend of sweet nuts, caramel and chocolate, with a hint of berries and fruits. Arabic coffee beans contain less caffeine and more sugar than Robusta beans.

The brewing method you choose will affect the taste as well. When cold brewed, Arabic coffee beans give out a sweet taste. Whereas when hot brewed, they will give a hint of pleasant bitterness and acidity.

Robusta coffee beans

Robusta beans are known for their strong, bitter, and robust flavour with a peanut aftertaste. Once brewed, the coffee tastes bitter, and many coffeeholics like it that way! Robusta beans are typically cheaper than Arabica beans.

Taste Preferences

It is important to consider the preferences of your employees while buying coffee and espresso beans for your office. If you have a diverse group of employees, choosing a blend of Arabica and Robusta beans is best. This will provide a balance of flavour and strength and please most palates. One of the advantages of renting an office coffee machine from Biz Cup is that you have experts available to you to help you find the perfect tasting coffee beans for your workplace. If you’re still tossing up if you could buy or rent an office coffee machine for your workplace, give us a call and we can help guide you through our office coffee machine solutions.

Body and acidity of coffee bean

The body and acidity levels are key when picking the best coffee and espresso beans. For reference, there are light, medium, and full-bodied coffee beans, with full-bodied having the thickest mouthfeel.

Take Brazilian beans, for example. They have a creamy body and low acidity, which makes coffee drinkers fall in love with them.

Coffee roast

Another important factor to consider is the roast of the beans. Coffee beans can be roasted to different levels, from light to dark.

Roasting gives beans a chocolaty and caramelised taste depending on the roasting level. The beans have an oily surface when roasted at a high temperature, giving them a sweet taste. At the same time, low-level roasted coffee beans carry a dark chocolate taste to them.

Also, the older the roast dates, the more acidic the beans will taste.

Light roast

Light roast beans are typically fruity and bright. These beans contain less oil as they are roasted right after the first crack appears at a high temperature of 356° F to 401° F.

Medium roast

An average American coffee drinker calls medium roast the best coffee. These coffee beans carry a balance of sweetness and bitterness that brings a delicious taste. Coffee beans are roasted at a temperature of 410° F to 428° F after the first crack and right before the second crack appears.

Dark roast

Dark roast beans are typically smoky and full-bodied. These coffee beans have a sweet flavour as the sugar in the beans takes time to caramelise. The long roasting process allows the beans to develop a rich flavour. The beans are roasted at 464° F to 482° F.

Coffee Origin

In addition to the type and roast of the beans, it’s also important to consider the origin of the beans. Coffee beans grow in diverse regions worldwide, each with its unique flavour profile. Some popular regions for coffee beans include Ethiopia, Brazil, Colombia, and Guatemala. It’s important to understand the flavour profiles of different regions and choose a bean that best suits your employees’ preferences.


Another important factor to consider is the freshness of the beans. Coffee beans should be consumed within two weeks of roasting to ensure the best flavour. It’s best to choose a freshly roasted coffee bean with a good shelf life. Buy coffee beans with a rich taste and store them in an airtight jar to keep them fresh.

Brewing style

When choosing coffee beans for your office coffee machine, you should consider the brewing technique to ensure that brewed cups taste delicious. Different types of coffee machines require different types of beans. For example, a drip coffee maker requires a medium grind, while a French press requires a coarse grind. Choosing a bean suitable for the brewing method, you will be using is important.


While choosing a high-quality bean is important, it’s also important to consider the cost when buying them in bulk for office settings. It is optional for tasty coffee beans to be expensive every time. Take Robusta as an example. But, if you are on a budget, choosing a high-quality and reasonably-priced bean is best. The next time you purchase coffee beans, be sure to double check the cost, as you may have been affected by the green bean price rise.


It’s also important to consider the type of milk being paired with the coffee machine and the beans. Choosing the best milk for your office coffee machine is an important step in ensuring the overall taste of the coffee is perfect for your staff whilst they’re busy at work!

Wrapping up…

Because the coffee experience can make or break your workplace vibes, we recommend striking the right balance between the type, roast, origin, freshness, method of brewing, and cost of the beans when picking the coffee beans for your office. Additionally, choosing a bean that is freshly roasted and has a good shelf life is important. 

It’s also important to consider the preferences of your employees and appreciate their efforts with the choice of their coffee.

With this knowledge, you can choose the perfect coffee beans for office coffee machines and provide your employees with a delicious and satisfying cup of coffee every day. 

Are you looking for a high-quality coffee machine for your office in Adelaide? Look no further than Biz Cup! Our coffee machines are perfect for offices of all sizes and will impress your employees and clients. With a variety of options to choose from, you can find the perfect machine to fit the needs and budget of your workplace.

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