Should I Rent Or Buy An Office Coffee Machine?

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Many organisations wonder whether they should buy or rent an office coffee machine. No matter what they decide, a coffee machine is essential for a working space. A coffee machine at a workplace can help employees perform well, and they can get coffee whenever they want without leaving the workplace. Let us get back to the debate of whether you should invest in buying a coffee machine or rent one on a monthly agreement.

To Rent Or Buy An Office Coffee Machine?

The decision completely depends on an organisation’s specific needs and situation. Renting a coffee machine may be a good option if you are a startup with a limited cash flow or require the coffee machine for a short time. Renting also allows you to test different machines and determine which works best for you before purchasing.

On the other hand, buying a coffee machine may be a better option if you are a big, settled company with a sizeable staff to entertain. Having your machine gives you more control over the operating system, including making repairs and regular cleaning and maintenance.

Additionally, owning a machine may give you more liberty on which features to choose from, and you will not be restricted under any terms.

To decide whether buying or renting an office coffee machine is a good option, we have listed a few things you should consider that will help you make the decision. Let us dive in.

Things To Consider When Buying Or Renting An Office Coffee Machine

Type Of Office Coffee Machines

Every coffee machine model comes with different features. So, it is very important to pick one with less cost that serves the best purpose.

Commercial coffee machines like espresso and drip coffee machines have more options to offer. So, renting one of these will be more expensive than buying one. As some coffee machine vendors charge separately for each option. So, buying an espresso machine or drip coffee machine will give you complete control over how you want to use the coffee machine.

But, if you are planning to get a single-serve coffee machine, renting one will be easier on your pocket as you will only be paying a reasonable amount for a single-purpose machine. The monthly fee will also include daily cleaning and maintenance.

So a commercial coffee machine means more options and more rent. At the same time, a personal coffee machine means fewer options and less rent.

Office Coffee Machine Usage

The decision also depends on your usage of the coffee machine. If there is a small staff of five to ten people, then buying a coffee machine outright can be a big investment. Depending on the usage of your office’s coffee machine, you may also want to think about the workplace budget for coffee beans.

Whereas, if the machine serves a large audience, then fully purchasing the machine would put your invested money into a nice cause. So, consider the capacity of how many people will be using the machine before deciding whether to buy or rent office coffee machines.

Office Coffee Machine Features

Pick a machine that offers a variety of options and is easy to operate at the same time. A coffee machine with multiple grinding and brewing options will only confuse the user. The more users, the more confusion. So, invest in a machine that offers automatic, shut-off and programmable clocks to make it user-friendly. We recommend an automatic office coffee machine if this is your situation.

Regarding features, getting a coffee machine on a lease agreement would be smart for an initial investment. It will allow you to test the features and decide whether the machine suits your organisation before buying the coffee machine outright.

Payment Process

If your workplace has the least use of a coffee machine, then leasing a coffee machine is a good option for you financially. Renting an office coffee machine with a free maintenance plan would mean that you will only have to take out a small budget for something that is barely used.

A coffee machine lease will let you test different coffee machines and decide which is ideal for your workplace before investing a good amount in a machine and later on realising that the machine does not serve its purpose.

On the other hand, if your staff constantly needs coffee and it helps them perform better, then buying a coffee machine would be the best. A personal office coffee machine will let your staff use it whenever possible.

Also, you will not have to worry about paying an extra cost to leasing companies if the machine malfunctions.

Office Coffee Maintenance

If you buy an office coffee machine, you will be responsible for all sorts of maintenance — from regular cleaning to get new equipment if something breaks down.

It also means that you will not be accountable to leasing companies or wait for a technical person to attend in case something goes wrong. Though, this also means that you should have a technical person available on the premises to repair the coffee machine.

Whereas renting a coffee machine will free you from worrying about maintenance and cleaning, as the leasing company typically send their representatives to do the job. That’s because regular coffee machine servicing and repairs are usually part of the rental agreement, but we still recommend discussing this concern before renting.

Office Coffee Machine Warranty

If you have decided to rent a coffee machine, it is better to invest in something with a guarantee or insurance that covers the problems or defects that can happen during the rental period.

The same goes for buying an office coffee machine. Pick one which offers a service and features a warranty. You would want to avoid buying a coffee machine outright and then paying more money in case the machine malfunctions.

Deciding On Your Office Coffee Machine

If you are a small business with limited cash flow, renting a coffee machine will be the best advantage for your company as that monthly fee will cover all the expenses from maintenance to repair. But if you are an established business with a lot of use for coffee machines, making a one-time investment and buying a coffee machine will be the better call.

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