Different Types Of Coffee Drinks

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Espresso, a short black, is a concentrated coffee drink made by extracting a single shot of coffee without adding hot water. This creates a strong and flavorful beverage.

A cappuccino is a coffee drink that consists of one part espresso, one part textured milk, and one part froth on top, often garnished with a dusting of chocolate. The froth on top is a distinguishing characteristic of this drink.

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A long black or Americano is made by pouring a double-shot of espresso over hot water, resulting in a drink that retains the crema and has a stronger flavour than an Americano, which is made by adding hot water to an espresso shot.

A macchiato is served in a small glass and consists of a single espresso shot filled with creamy steamed milk and topped with a small foam layer.

Mocha is a latte with chocolate, which can be added to the espresso shot before adding textured milk or to the cold milk before frothing.

A latte is a coffee drink consisting of an espresso shot filled with steamed milk and topped with a layer of milk crema.

A flat white is similar to a latte but with untextured milk (no air incorporated during steaming), resulting in a drink with espresso and steamed milk and little to no froth.

Regardless of which type of coffee drink you’re enjoying, there are several health benefits that can be attributed to drinking coffee. If you’re wondering when to drink coffee, be sure to wait until you reach the office before you have your first coffee of the day as you may disrupt natural cortisol production if you drink coffee as soon as you wake up!

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