The importance of keeping your coffee machine clean

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The importance of keeping your office or workplace coffee machine clean cannot be stressed enough.

Keeping your coffee machine clean ensures that the machine itself stays in perfect working condition. How does cleaning ensure this? When we clean your machine with Cafetto cleaning products, you effectively cleanse the machine’s internal components, by removing dirty coffee oils, odours and bitter tannins from the group head, lines, and valves. Fresh milk machines require daily milk cleaning to remove all residue in the milk lines. When we thoroughly clean your automatic coffee machine, we prolong its lifespan and keep coffee tasting its best, it is ultimately what we want from these amazing automatic coffee machines. Now that you understand the importance, you might want to know the basics of how to take care of office coffee machines.

Biz-Cup offer either weekly or fortnightly cleans and service on our larger machines so you know that the your office coffee machine is being taken care of.

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