Impact Of Workplace Coffee On Employee Morale & Satisfaction

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

A cup of coffee strongly influences employee performance and workplace culture, period. Read on to explore how coffee culture impacts workplace satisfaction and morale. 

The Role of Coffee in the Workplace


Coffee culture isn’t new in the workplace context, nor are workplace coffee machines. It has always been an integral part of both ancient and modern workplaces. For centuries, employees and entire workforces had the ritual of starting their day with a cup of drink. This drink could be tea, fresh juice, or something else. But nothing else beats the popularity of coffee globally! Countless studies show that coffee can boost employee morale and satisfaction. And when your employees have high morale, their workplace productivity levels increase. 

Coffee is a 100% natural product and has many benefits. Improved focus and energy are just some things you get after drinking a cup of coffee. When employees have energy, it leads to higher job satisfaction and overall high performance.

Impact of Coffee on Employee Morale


Coffee has proven to have a substantial impact on employee morale. Employees with high morale tend to perform better at their job. Coffee also works as an energy booster, leading to higher employee creativity. 

According to a study by the National Coffee Association, 82% of coffee drinkers felt more energetic and productive after drinking coffee. Employees need coffee sections to take a much-needed break from work

Negative Effects of Coffee on Employee Morale

Now let’s look at how coffee breaks can harm employee morale. Too much coffee consumption has proven to be the leading cause of severe conditions, such as jitters, anxiety, and irritability. 

Employees who consume less coffee can become impulsive and less productive, which leads to lower morale overall. Secondly, long-term, unregulated consumption of coffee can cause insomnia.  

And if an employee suffers from insomnia, his performance level drops over time. That’s why employees must find the right balance when consuming coffee. 

Impact of Coffee on Employee Satisfaction

Coffee not just keeps employee morale high but also provides them with satisfaction in the workplace. Coffee culture in the workplace gives employees a more relaxing and welcoming atmosphere. 

This is especially true for new employees, who find coffee breaks a chance to interact with their colleagues and get to know them better. Employees who share a good working relationship also tend to work better as teams on projects. 

Negative Effects of Coffee on Employee Satisfaction

Like the positives, coffee can also have negative effects on employee satisfaction. The quality of your coffee can harm employee satisfaction, making employees feel less valued in the workplace. 

Secondly, if the employees need more coffee options, they may feel that the management is ignoring their preferences. So, the management must invest in providing high-quality coffee options and variety.

Impact of Coffee on Productivity

A cup of coffee also improves employees’ productivity because it contains caffeine. We all know that caffeine is a stimulant that improves the brain’s cognitive function and increases alertness. When employees work with a focus on a particular project, they need out-of-the-box and innovative ideas. 

Impact Of Coffee On Improving Mental Health

Employees need breaks to relax and boost productivity. Sitting across the computer screen all day can lead to many mental health problems in employees. 

They can develop anxiety, stress, isolation, and other conditions. When they get a decent cup of coffee on-site, they can reduce their screen time dramatically. 

Employees who return from those coffee breaks will feel refreshed and energised to complete the tasks ahead. 

Socialisation: Drinking Coffee Together

Coffee breaks are great for employees to create meaningful relationships with their colleagues. As humans, much of our daily time is spent interacting with other humans; that’s one of our basic instincts. 

Employees working in a team need to feel a sense of community and belonging. This is also important in workplaces where employees must work independently and have minimum interaction with their colleagues. 

Strategies for Improving the Impact of Workplace Coffee

You can try several strategies to improve workplace coffee’s impact on employee morale and satisfaction. These can be things such as providing them with premium quality coffee and offering them a variety of coffee options to choose from. 

Invest in Quality Coffee To Boost Employee Productivity

The quality of the coffee you provide in the workplace significantly impacts employee morale and satisfaction. Employees can feel under-appreciated and dissatisfied if you offer low-quality coffee that tastes bitter. That’s why we always recommend investing in a coffee that has a more pleasant and flavourful taste. 

Offer a Variety of Free Coffee Options

Each employee has their coffee preferences. Some may prefer an espresso, while others are hooked on a latte. If employees get the same variety of coffee every day, they can easily get bored and lose interest. 

So it’s always best to provide them with various coffee options, especially the popular ones like latte and espresso. You can also use different types of coffee, such as drip coffee or cold brew. 

Lastly, offering different types of milk and sweeteners will keep employee morale up.

Ensure Freshness With An In House Coffee Machine

Coffee is all about freshness! No one enjoys a stale cup of coffee. When employees get to drink bad coffee every day, it can harm their performance and productivity. 

Employers must ensure that the coffee beans are stored properly away from air, light, moisture, and heat. When it comes to whole beans vs. ground coffee, we always recommend using freshly ground coffee because it has a much better flavour than packaged coffee beans. 

Conclusion – Why Employers Should Provide Office Coffee Machines For Productivity

Coffee culture significantly impacts the workplace environment. Coffee breaks help employees interact with each other. It also helps them move away from their screens and relax. Employees feel more energetic after coming from a coffee break. 

Lastly, when you offer choices to employees to drink coffee daily, they feel more appreciated in the workplace. Daily fresh gourmet coffee has health benefits and can be a key motivating factor for employees.

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