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Whether you run a family-owned and operated office, manage a growing workplace, or have a need to impress, your top priority should always be satisfying your customers and employees.

Finding ways to outdo their expectations with the right creature comforts and exceeding expectations can help you turn new customers into returning ones and make employees happy for years to come.

A clear way to do this?

Investing in the addition of an automatic coffee machine that produces the perfect beverage, that keeps them coming back for more!

Have you been looking for the best automatic coffee machine for your office space? In search for a commercial automatic coffee machine for your production plant?

Here are examples of automatic coffee machines to consider:


Automatic coffee machines are useful for businesses that expect a high volume of coffee drinkers who want convenience with their quality cup of coffee. These are ideal for most workplaces, come in a number of sizes depending on expectant cups per day and are user friendly for both staff and customers. Expect a barista at the push of a button. With the optional added feature of a self-cleaning module the ease of use speaks for itself.

No knowledge of how to prepare coffee is necessary – simple operation and all in-one design: grinder, coffee brewing system and milk frothing system in one device. For those who are in a hurry and need their morning coffee to face the challenges of everyday life with energy. It will come handy in an office and will work for coffee lovers who drink a few cups of coffee a day.


Commercial vending style machines are also useful for businesses that want to provide employees and customers with a convenient way to enjoy coffee on demand. This option is ideal when you don’t have staff dedicated to making coffee and still want to help your customers avoid leaving to visit a cafe.

A commercial vending style coffee machine is also beneficial for small businesses in general – predominantly a milk powder solution, thus requiring less maintenance but still offering your employees the convenience of a commercial vending machine will save them time and money.

Choosing to rent coffee machine for your office can vary based on a variety of factors, but you shouldn’t have to make the investment decision alone. If you’re looking for a supplier that can help you evaluate your wants and needs and determine the right coffee–making machines for your business, consider Biz-Cup.

From delivering the freshest of coffee beans as well as consumables to on-the-spot machine repairs, maintenance and servicing – reach out to us today to learn more about what we offer, we have everything you need to find a complete coffee solution for your workplace or business. 

Delicious coffee at the press of a button and the way we work will never be the same.

The global coffee market is rapidly evolving – customers are driven by quality as well as diversity and the choice of products has become an extension of the individual.

We’re setting the barista free.

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