What Is The Best Coffee Machine For A Small Office?

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

With so many office coffee machines, deciding which one to choose for your workplace can take time and effort. From automatic to manual coffee machines, these espresso makers come in all shapes and sizes with many features.

If you, too, are an office owner, stakeholder or manager who cares about the coffee culture at the workspace, read on as we discuss eight different workplace coffee machines suitable for your space.

1. Dr Coffee Coffeebar Automatic Office Coffee Machine

Dr Coffee Coffeebar automatic office coffee machine comes with a 200+ cup capacity per day, which makes it perfect for a small office space. It also has ceramic grinders that grind the coffee beans into fine powder.

You can become a barista and get creative with the manual steam wand. Don’t you like the labour of brewing a coffee? You can let the machine do the work and create up to 24 different types of coffee varieties. It isn’t just coffee you can get from this maker. Hot chocolate, chai tea, and latte are some of the options you can choose from.

Experience the ultimate convenience with the Dr Coffee Coffeebar Automatic Office Coffee Machine rental service, starting from just $49 per week at BizCup. Enjoy the luxury of fortnightly cleaning, refills, and maintenance checks, ensuring your coffee experience remains seamless. Benefit from the hassle-free delivery of all consumables, with the added advantage of all machine parts and servicing covered within your weekly expense. Say goodbye to worries about emergency breakdowns, as there are no call-out fees. Additionally, revel in the inclusion of a milk fridge. Elevate your office coffee experience with Dr Coffee’s comprehensive and affordable package.

2. Dr Coffee M12 Fully Automatic Coffee Machine

Dr Coffee M12 provides fresh aromatic coffee at the touch of a button. Select your coffee preference from the 10.1″ inch touch display and let the M12 do its magic. This coffee maker does everything from finely grinding your coffee beans to brewing!
The sleek design and compact size make this coffee machine a great choice, especially at this price point. It boasts two pumps and a double heating capacity, providing coffee and milk. Unlike other coffee makers, the Dr Coffee M12 has a detachable milk system, a non-interfering automatic cleaning program, and a hidden milk tube making maintenance easy.

Dr. Coffee M12, an ideal solution for office coffee needs. Designed to cater to workplaces with a staff strength of 50 to 80, this efficient office coffee machine offers convenience and quality. With rental rates starting from just $45 per week, it brings affordability to the table. The package includes a comprehensive service package, featuring a fortnightly refill and maintenance check, ensuring your coffee experience remains seamless. The added bonus of a milk fridge and delivery of all consumables enhances the convenience factor. What’s more, worries about unexpected breakdowns are alleviated as all machine parts and servicing are covered in the weekly cost, with no additional call-out fees for emergencies. Elevate your office coffee experience with Dr. Coffee M12, where functionality meets peace of mind.

3. Dr Coffee Minibar S Automatic Coffee Machine

Dr Coffee Minibar S automatic coffee machine features a gigantic 4-litre water tank with an external water supply connection that guarantees fresh cups of coffee for a longer time. It also provides a wide range of coffee, including espresso, black coffee, cappuccino, and cafe latte.

Every cup of coffee is complete with the smooth coffee foam we all love. This coffee maker has a hot milk frothing system and a self-cleaning mechanism. Add hot chocolate or milk foam powder inside a separate hopper for the ultimate coffee experience.

4. Dr Coffee Minibar S2 Fully Automatic Coffee Machine

Dr Coffee Minibar S2 dispenses over +200 cups daily, making it the perfect choice for small to medium office spaces. You also get a 7.1″ Touch Screen for easy drink selection, up to 24 beverage selections.

Need to customise your coffee? This coffee maker comes with a fully automatic and manual steamer and power dispenser for your daily dose of chocolate or chai. The manual steamer is also great for coffee drinkers that prefer specialty or alternative kinds of milk. Dr Coffee Minibar S2 is easy to maintain with a built-in cleaning system.

The Dr. Coffee Minibar S2 stands as an impeccable choice, catering seamlessly to offices of all sizes. With rental options starting at just $49 per week, this offering combines affordability with convenience. The package encompasses a range of complimentary services, including regular cleaning and maintenance checks, as well as free repairs and servicing, ensuring a hassle-free experience. The added perk of free consumable delivery and the inclusion of an online ordering system further enhance its user-friendly nature. Notably, a Milk Fridge is thoughtfully included, rounding off a comprehensive office coffee solution. Embrace the Dr. Coffee Minibar S2 to elevate your workplace coffee provisions with ease.

5. HLF 1700 Automatic Office Coffee Machine

HLF 1700 automatic is a juggernaut dispensing up to 100+ cups a day. The exterior has an innovative 8″ touchscreen display for choosing your preferred type of coffee. One of this coffee maker’s coolest features is the pro milk system that provides the ultimate sweet and silky smooth microfilmed milk. Daily cleaning is fine with this coffee maker because it comes with a self-cleaning option that is completely programable.

You can also tweak each coffee cup’s temperature, texture, and aeration. The HLF 1700 coffee maker surprises even the most avid coffee consumers. That’s why this coffee maker has found a place on our list.

Meet the HLF 1700, an exceptional office coffee machine tailored to accommodate workplaces with a staff ranging from 40 to 80 individuals. Available for rent starting at an attractive $59 per week, this offering seamlessly combines practicality and affordability. With a service package that includes regular fortnightly cleaning, refills, and maintenance checks, the HLF 1700 ensures a consistently pristine coffee experience. Notably, a milk fridge is thoughtfully incorporated, further enhancing convenience. For those seeking extra features, the option to include a self-cleaning system for a nominal $10 weekly or an extended waste drawer for just $5 weekly is available. Enjoy the added benefit of consumable delivery right to your doorstep, along with the assurance that all machine parts and servicing are encompassed in the weekly cost, eliminating any concerns about unexpected expenses. Plus, rest easy knowing that emergency breakdowns won’t incur any call-out fees. Elevate your office coffee setup with the comprehensive and versatile HLF 1700.

6. HLF 2700 Automatic Office Coffee Machine

HLF 2700 automatic coffee machine is one of the best authentic Italian coffee makers. This coffee maker offers the possibility to deliver two drinks simultaneously, all thanks to its double outlet feature for coffee and milk.

HLF 2700 also can extract the best aroma from any variety of coffee beans, a feature missing in most office coffee machines these days. If you prefer to customise your daily morning coffee, you can choose from three hopper sizes for your milk and other powders.

HLF 2700 can offer you both fresh beans coffee and ground coffee. You can choose between three sizes of the hopper to fit any requirement. In addition, thanks to the bypass for pre-ground coffee, you can manually insert different coffee powders.

HLF 2700, an exceptional office coffee machine meticulously designed to cater to teams ranging from 50 to 100 members. Available for rent starting at an affordable $79 per week, this offering seamlessly combines practicality and convenience. The package includes a comprehensive weekly service, encompassing cleaning, refilling, and maintenance checks to ensure a consistently superior coffee experience. Notably, a milk fridge is thoughtfully incorporated to enhance user convenience. Experience hassle-free operation with the added perk of consumable delivery straight to your doorstep. With all machine components and servicing covered in the weekly cost, you can rest assured that unexpected expenses are minimized. Plus, in the event of emergency breakdowns, there are no call-out fees to worry about. Elevate your office coffee setup effortlessly with the versatile and dependable HLF 2700.

7. Kalerm K95 Automatic Coffee Machine

Kalerm K95 can make six different types of coffee, including espresso, long coffee, cappuccino, latte, hot milk/cream, and more. It also has a 5-level grinding feature that lets you grind your coffee beans in five sizes.

You can also store those coffee beans in a large 1kg bean container, keeping them fresh no matter when you brew your coffee. Kalerm K95 auto cleaning, fault warning, and reminder features keep your office coffee machine maintained so that it runs longer. If this doesn’t make a coffee maker one of the best coffee machines, what does?

Discover the Kalerm K95L Office Coffee Machine, a tailored solution perfect for small offices catering to 15 to 40 individuals. Available for purchase at $3,495.00 or with a flexible rental option starting from $280 per month (inclusive of GST), this coffee machine seamlessly meets your office’s needs. With each purchase, you receive a generous monthly supply of 3kg premium coffee beans, yielding around 300 cups of delightful coffee. For added convenience, an optional milk fridge can be included for just $25 per month or purchased outright at $495.00. The package further encompasses a monthly clean and service, ensuring consistent performance. Utilizing fresh beans and milk to create your coffee, this machine guarantees quality. Additionally, worry-free operation is assured with all machine parts and servicing covered within the rental cost, and emergency breakdowns come without any call-out fees. As an extra benefit, a range of consumables can be conveniently ordered through our portal with free delivery. Elevate your office coffee experience with the Kalerm K95L – where convenience and excellence meet seamlessly.


Choosing a coffee maker for your office can be tricky, even if you have a list of the best automatic office coffee machines. We recommend that key decision-makers at corporate workspaces strike the right balance between budget, automatic and semi-automatic features, types of brewing options, water supply, maintenance and employee-friendliness. With so many great options available, the future of the office coffee machine industry looks bright!

Are you looking for high-quality office coffee machines? Look no further than BizCup! Our coffee machines are perfect for offices of all sizes and will impress your employees and clients in Adelaide, SA. With various options, you can find the perfect machine to fit the needs and budget of your workplace. Bizcup is located in Pooraka, SA, and services all of Adelaide.

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